Social Media Questions Answered

Last month, as part of National Small Business Week, we had the opportunity to participate in the monthly Entrepreneurship Roundtable hosted by the Elizabeth City Chamber of Commerce and the Eastern Women’s Entrepreneurship Center.

We were super grateful for the opportunity to share some of our social media knowledge and tips with local business owners! Below are questions that our CEO, Cori Riddle was asked.

How often should a business post?

"At a minimum I would suggest posting three times per week. It’s all about the content (photos, testimonials, promotions) though. As you grow your followers you will want to post content that they will enjoy. Try not to post-just to post!"

What makes a great post?

1.     "Photography! Whatever your product or service, try to stage and take good quality photos."

2.     "Keep your content consistent and centered around your product and your story."

So you’re posting on social media, now what?

"Make sure you have a reason to post and are following a cohesive plan.  Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is important as you grow followers and increase your engagement."

What is the difference between Facebook Boosts vs. Facebook Ads

"Utilize boosts only for product launches, events, and anything that you want to make sure that your current followers will see. Take advantage of Facebook ads to target and grow new followers, customers and increase sales. Facebook advertising is worth it. Facebook Ads Help Center has a great beginner’s guide. Contact us if we can help you with Facebook advertising!"

One quick piece of social media advice?

"It’s important to know your brand, your business goals and your value proposition. This is the framework for not just social media but all your marketing."

What is a Value Proposition: "A value proposition tells prospects why they should do business with you rather than your competitors, and makes the benefits of your products or services crystal clear from the outset. Our team specializes in assisting clients with discovering their Value Proposition."

Know what your goals are and make a plan of how you will accomplish them. Don’t forget that brand consistency is key!  Social Media Management is one of the many services that our team provides! Let us know how we can help grow your business.