Kondo Your Content

When it comes to creating new content, we have all been there. We have created campaigns and strategies and measured the results-whether it be sales, engagement, or brand building. Why don’t we take a page (literally) from the organizational phenom Marie Kondo, tidy up our content and discover what sparks joy!

Step One: Make a pile

Take a look at your social posts over the past few years. Identify the posts that sparked the most engagement. Whether it had the most likes, shares or comments-obviously your audience loved them! Save them to one folder on your computer or even print them out.
We are constantly in the pursuit of fresh content am I right? We often forget what we have done in the past and the impact it had on our brand. In true Kondo fashion, if the content sparks joy, then it’s worth refreshing or revisiting and (hopefully) unearthing that joy.

Step Two: Categories

Just as you would go about organizing your home, organize the posts into categories, topics, products, etc.
As you work through your archives, you will discover a feeling of rejuvenation! If you had to do over, you may have said it or spun it differently. Here come the ideas! What a great way to liven up the same old content strategy you have been working with.

Step Three: Folding

Marie Kondo suggests that clothing should be folded, organized by color and placed in drawers or hangers in a way to be completely visible. Content needs a similarly careful plan to store away. Once it is organized, you have also stored it with other like-content, just waiting for its time to be executed.

Embrace the posts you loved, refresh and reuse

If you loved a campaign, but perhaps it didn’t perform as well as you had hoped the first time, give it the chance to shine with a refresh. Maybe you posted a great video but it wasn’t viewed as much as you would have liked. Consider posting a single image from the video, add some compelling copy and see what happens! The spark you felt was real. Whatever the reason your love for that single piece of content was-find a way to breathe new life into it and try again. Find a place for it to shine in future posts.

Author: Cori Riddle